HitSquad University is the crown jewel of HitSquadTv. HU is a program for the juniors that can learn more than just on skates aspect of Roller Derby. We teach you how to film, become a leader, and create and maintain your own brand. If you are interested in having HitSquad University in your town, please send us an Email with the title reading “HITSQUAD UNIVERSITY INTEREST” along with your organizations name, and we’ll send you all the information you will need!

Email: HitSquadTele@gmail.com

Thank you to our HitSquadTv sponsors

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#TeamHitSquad Sponsored athletes

Each athlete will each be representing a campaign:

ORGULLO, representing the latino nations through their advancement within the WFTDA ranks, as well as their growing awareness for their home country.

INSPIRE is a campaign representing athletes that shine their image past the glamour. Inspiration is what they want their legacy to become. To inspire nations of athletes, families, friends, men, women, children, to inspire you.

Blood. Sweat. Years. is represented by Champions. They show you what it takes to reach the pinnacle. And stay there. It’s about the blood you’ve given to your sport. The sweat you break for the goals you set to reach. And the years it takes.

#TheFutureIsBright was the first campaign ran by HitSquadTv in march 2018 during the original Juniors month. The slogan is a staple within the roller derby community, with the meaning of the future of roller derby will propel us into a brighter tomorrow. The athletes representing this slogan embody the spirit and athleticism of the next generation of greatness.

BE ICONIC is more than words. It means more than awards. Statistics. Fame. Recognition. It’s a state of mind. of imagination. Of No Fear. It’s breaking away from the familiar. Taking the road rarely taken. Exploring your fears and conquring them. Destroy your demons until they work for you. It’s understanding that failure is just figuring out another way not to do something. A loss doesn’t define your existance. A win doesn’t justify your position. Its being consistently hungry, fighting for your spot, earn every turn, earn every point of that apex jump. Its shaking the hand of the team who bested you. It’s the feeling of your soul leaving your body exhausted right next to you because you left it out on the floor. It’s going 300% at every practice because 100% just isn’t enough. It’s falling in love falling. It’s rising to the occasion. It’s picking up your teammate after losing. It’s being there for people. It’s standing up in what you believe in. Be original. Be the change, be the hero, be the solution, be the problem, be grateful, be happy, be focused, be remembered, be a visionary, be different, be inspiration, be your fears worst enemy, be scared, be motivated, be a champion, be important, BE YOU….BE ICONIC.



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