Hire A Coach

Does your league struggle with attempting to find the right coaching for your needs? Do you find it difficult hiring the same names over and over again? Are you looking for specific types of athletes (mental game tips, Social media branding, defense driven, jamming driven), well we have the solution for you!

#TeamHitSquad has gathered some of the new stars of the next generation to help teach and facilitate all of your coaching needs!

Adult Skaters

List of available coaches:



Mr. Testosterone

(Vancouver Murder)

Jamsterella: (New Jax City, Quad Speed Skating Champion)

Worthy: (Drive by Rollers, 2x JRDA Open Division Champion Diamond City Minors)

Threatening Thunder: (Multiple time JRDA Female Division Champion: Seattle Derby Brats, Rat City)

Justin Stelly: Multiple time Speed Skating Champion

Junior Athletes:

Olivia Glisson: (Duval and The Attack Pack. JRDA World Cup Silver Medalist)

Speed Bry-U: (2x JRDA open division champion Diamond City Minors and World Cup Gold medalist)

Lil’ RegulateHer: (Bronze medal: Los Anarchists and World Cup Gold Medalist)

Mount Crushmore: (Bronze medal: Los Anarchists and World Cup Gold Medalist)

High Roller: (River City Riot)

Dizzy Izzy: (Duval and The Attack Pack. JRDA World Cup Gold Medalist)

Toe Jammer: (Mob City Misfits, Seattle Derby Brats. JRDA World Cup Gold Medalist)


  1. PK Biddy (Angel City Parks and Refs)



Coach Victor Dutch (2x Open Div. Champion DCM)
Gem Glisson: Coach of Duval Junior Derby Program/ Vice President of JRDA