The History of HitSquadTv

On thanksgiving weekend in 2014, Lloyd and Ivy brought a gopro to The Rinks in Corona, CA in hopes of strapping it on an athlete to see what it would look like at Prison City derby dames annual event THANKSCRIMMAGE. They strapped on Bad Lil’ Jamma (who now plays for Angel City Junior Derby), Kwyet Wryot and referee Rainbow Smasher. After the event was over, they uploaded their footage to their laptop they newly bought. After 8 hours, The first video was born.

Falling in love with the filming and editing process, HitSquadTv was born. Lloyd and Ivy both created the iconic Star Logo that still represents them till this day.

HitSquadTv started traveling regionally throughout the 2015. Filming teams like Foothill Foxy Flyers, Beach Cities, IE Derby Divas, San Diego Roller Derby, San Diego Derby Dolls, BadFish Roller Derby among the other leagues. In mid 2015, Everything changed.

Beach Cities and Moxi Skate shop owner Pigeon believed in what HitSquadTv was developing and invested in them to purchase the camera they still use today. Now with no limitations, HitSquadTv started experimenting with shots, concepts and presentation. Bringing in a new way on viewing a Highlight Reel.

By the beginning of 2016, they developed a small following due to their consistant, eye catching filming and editing. 2016 also saw the beginning of filming international teams. Sacramento Roller Derby, Bay Area, Terminal City were among some of the teams that were filmed throughout the year. The growth of HitSquadTv was still growing, but the big explosing would come in 2017.

2017 was the year everything changed. In the beginning of the year, HitSquadTv focused their visions to more than just highlight reels. They started focusing on marketing and helping the roller derby community better promote itself. HitSquadTv finally garnered the opportunity to Film at The Big O in Eugene, OR.

Big O was the perfect place to display their filming to an international audience. The popularity quickly skyrocketed as they gained 5k new likes in a 3 month period. From the Big O videos to RollerCon, HitSquadTv started making a name for itself by working with organizations like RollerCon, 187 Killer Pads and Chicks in Bowls. In November, HitSquadTv was brought out by AMRD (Associacion Mexicana de Roller Derby) to cover their event, and it turned out to be a colossal success. HitSquadTv is now slated to return every year in hopes to help grow the sport of roller derby in Mexico.

2018 saw the truth growth, impact and influence of HitSquadTv. Los Anarchists Junior Roller Derby and HSTV worked together and created the first #TeamHitSquad tour that saw the first string of HitSquad Art Production from TXRD, Rat City Roller Derby, Arizona Derby Dames, West Coast Derby Knockouts, Drive-By, JRDA Champs and The World Cup in Philadelphia, RollerCon and ending in New Orleans for Sweatfest.

The major success of the tour garnered thousands of new likes, interests and business deals. HitSquadTv picked up their first sponsors in Anabolix Skate and Empire Skate Shop.

HitSquadTvs ultimate goal is push the sport of Roller Derby and its athletes to become the best you can be. To BE ICONIC.